I completely lost my mind trying to find a decent place to chill with my current obsession, poetry, with the least amount of human interference possible. And since this is Dubai and its practically impossible to avoid human interactions except in the bathroom, it infuriated me to a point I had to seek expert advice for anger management. My therapist of a prodigy sister came up with this brilliant plan of getting started with blog posts. “Try expressing your feelings in words…how about start writing blogs?”

So as the result of her precociousness, here I am with my first ever blog.

Very unsure if this is gonna be my niche since I am basically entering the market late, with every second person writing blogs here there and everywhere. But like everything new that comes in life, I am undeniably excited about this.

I will be posting poetry and random tittle-tattles for y’all to pass your time with if your Netflix subscription ever runs out in the middle of no where, or the Internet connection is too bad to load anything but texts…cause lets be honest, reading blogs is the last thing you’d do with your Internet. But if and when you do, don’t miss out on my whimpering every now and then.

And with that my patience has run out for today.



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