Well…days are getting pretty mediocre. Living in Dubai during summers is the worst, trust me! Work is boring so it’s a struggle to get by the day. And whenever my work friends are too busy to pester me, I try to find new and dumb ways to keep myself entertained. During my free time today, I took online quizzes to see how much in sync I am with my inner child.

So this concept of recognizing and nurturing your inner child, for most, is just another psychobabble invented to console our tortured minds. But I thought it was pretty cool when I read about it. Its basically a person’s child like aspect and everything s/he has learnt and experienced before puberty. It is the most innocent version of one’s self that isn’t masked by all the adulthood drama. And we are supposed to constantly be in touch with that version of ourselves. Especially if we are to go through this mayhem that everyone calls adulthood, without having to drown in a pool of alcohol. Or a pool of your own tears, for the likes of you who don’t drink!! I hope that saves you enough to afford a therapist. Ha..ha.. *thick sarcasm*

I’m not gonna go into the technicality of the term. Y’all can just google it if it interests you. What I’m here to rant about is my test result. So I took two different online tests and both concluded pretty much the same thing…that I am immature…that I stopped growing up beyond the age of six! First of all, that’s not possible. I mean I am pretty sure I grew up till I was 15. That’s around when I stopped growing further and till date look like I am ready for school if I braid my hair into two plaits. And secondly, six is too much man…at least could’ve added some teen to it.

Anyways, what this made me realize is, may be I am immature, may be I am still six in my mind. But hey, that’s where I get my dumb, self centered sense of humor from. That’s where I get determination from. That’s where I get this shameless gist of going after anything I like. And with equal enthusiasm every time no matter how many setbacks. What’s immaturity anyways? Acting like a child? I don’t see anything wrong with it. To be honest I am fascinated with children. For their ability to find joy in little things, for that innocent laughter that comes from their heart. I don’t understand how such innocence is termed ‘immature’ while a brooding frowning judgmental piece of flesh and bones is called ‘mature’.

I say bring on all the immature you can find. Get inside the deepest corners of your mind and get that child out. Be childlike…be immature…be anything as long as it makes you laugh a little harder, feel a little deeper and appreciate life as it comes! Just be the purest, most innocent version of you and let life swing. That way, even when your skin starts thinning, you gonna be folding it to a paper boat and chasing it down the drain! Now imagine how cool of a granny or granpappy you gonna be then!!

Just be immature all the way!!


I’m out!!!

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