Roses are red

violets are blue…

I am pretty sure 95% of us 90s kids wrote this rhyme on postcards or a friend’s slam book. Mostly followed by something very cheesy…like, lets say

oh my dear

I love you!!

But since we are twenty somethings now…we can all agree that it goes something like,

what’s happening in my life

I’ve got no clue!!

We are constantly juggling between the responsible life and the carefree life. We want relationships but with the perks of a single life. We want to make it big but work it less. And it gets frustrating when things don’t work our way. Especially when we see others who grew up with us have reached where we want to be in terms of career or relationships or family. Demo graphs show that suicide rates have inexplicably increased in the age group of 25-35 in the recent years. Mid life crisis is old news people. We’ve got a new one and I call it the twenty something crisis.

This is where shit gets complicated. We want to try so many things but we’re unsure if the risk is gonna be worthwhile. Taking this leap of faith is so much more scarier than the leaps we took from walls or trees as kids. They’d only hurt physically and may be…just may be leave a scar. But this leap of faith into the unknown could scar us deeper. We fear those scars might not heal. Most of us are just scared to do things for ourselves also cause we don’t want our parents telling us “i told you so” when things go south. This need for approval makes everything worse. But trust me, if we put half the time and energy to work on things instead of worrying about ’em, we’ll at least be on our way to where we want to reach.

Set smaller goals if big ones intimidate you…read that book you wanted to, watch that movie, visit that place, take up that course. You succeed with one and then set another comparatively bigger one. It’s as simple as it sounds. People make things sound harder than they are but don’t let that intimidate you. Be your own judge. And also keep in mind that failing is OKAY. You’re growing..learning…and it’s not the end of the world. And if people try to tell you that you’re crazy, just show them you can be crazier. Do not let anything or anyone put you down from what you believe in. I repeat…DO NOT!!!

It’s not like I have it all figured out. I am also just another twenty something in the crowd trying to make sense of whatever is happening. We all rock the same boat. So why don’t we actually rock the shit out of it? Sounds like a plan to me!!

So that was my rant for today.


I’m out!!

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