Traveling is a myriad of emotions. We get excited, anxious, nervous, happy all at once. And this bizarre set of feelings coursing our veins make us behave somewhat out of place. Especially when it comes to air travel, it’s basically a sea of contrasting personalities coming together to share a metal tube for a given amount of time. And if you are someone who just likes to sit back and enjoy the drama, you can pick a lot of stories from your travels. So today let’s categorize the types of people you are most likely to encounter while traveling.


We’ve all seen that guy hurrying past the security check to get to the gates on time because he came late. For some reason these kinds of people don’t seem to understand that flying an aircraft is not just a matter of waiting for the red flag to drop or the whistle to blow, but takes a long time to prepare for and a lot of departments involved. They just take their own sweet time and at times end up missing their flights too.

Then there are the ones who are in a hurry for god knows what reason. You know the ones that queue up for boarding during pre-boarding announcements? These are the same people who start opening their overhead lockers and wait for disembarkation while the plane is still taxiing. I call them all the sprinters.


These are a very abundantly available, special kind of people. The ones that can’t understand the basic baggage allowance or even the difference between a check in and a carry on. They hoard everything together and as much of it as possible. For some strange unexplainable reason these types of passengers tend to carry a lot of baggage, and/or carry ons the size of an orangutan. And on rare occasions when they carry less baggage, you might even hear them asking the staff for a refund since they haven’t met the baggage limit.


These are the ones who will behave as if they have travelled to all the possible countries with all the possible airlines and know everything under the stars about traveling. They disregard any advice and often times end up in a ditch because they’re too stuck up.


Another very interesting and abundant species of air travelers. The ones that want all the possible services and upgrades but don’t want to pay a dime for it. So if you are a ground operation staff and you come across someone who is over friendly and throws too much of compliments at your direction, just wait for that sly ‘can I get a free upgrade?’ somewhere down the line. Funniest bit? They ask this even when they’re taking an all economy LCC flight.


Some people enjoy an unhealthy amount of conversational exchange with strangers. Ever sat beside someone who gives you all the excruciating details about themselves and asks a lot of questions? Trust me, even those big ass noise cancelling headphones or that book you’re desperately eyeing at isn’t gonna save you from the wrath of their stories. Too much adrenaline, I guess.


Slurred voice, red eyes, bumps here and there to find their way to their seat. You know what I am talking about. You can only hope they don’t end up being the aggressive type and just sleep the entire time.


First time travelers, or the generally nervous ones who have no idea where to go and what to do. On top of that are too timid to take help. Yeah we’ve been them, we’ve seen them, we’ve tried to help a few and also been annoyed by a few. The ones who loose their passports, their pouches, their carry ons, sometimes even kids.


The Kohinoor of air travelers. These are the ones who know all the routine for air travel. They weigh their baggage beforehand to be within the allowed limit. And their whole transition from check in to boarding to disembarkation goes by smoothly. They know the rules and strictly follow them without being told repeatedly.

So these were the few type of travelers I could enlist. Can you think of more? Give them names and write it to me.

That’s all for today.


Much love. D.

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