Soulmates. As victims of modern age relationships that barely last as long as bad Netflix series do, I am sure half of you must be thinking what a boring, unrealistic topic I chose to write about. The basic concept of a soulmate in modern times is a person you’re so much in love with that you barely see anything or anyone else. In other words, soulmate, for people in the 21st century, is a person who makes you mentally retarded to the point of no return. But let us dig a little deeper and see where the concept originates from and what it really means…shall we?

How many of you know that the concept of soulmates is a religious mythological concept that dates back to the ancient Greek civilization? Woahhh crazy right? And here I thought humans very recently started getting depressed and coming up with all these stories and fantasies to keep themselves going. Well never mind. Great philosophers and authors like Plato (go back to your secondary school’s social studies book if you don’t remember who this is, also not to be confused with Pluto which is just a confused mass of rocks) discussed about the concept of soulmate and soul-twins and even portrayed it in dramas and ballads. You can actually read a detailed discussion of it all over the internet but to make it easier for you let me explain in simpler terms. They believed that humans were created with two pairs of arms and two pairs of legs and two heads all fused together like some creepy alien out of a B grade sci-fi movie. There were three types of these aliens…one which had two male genitals, another which had two female genitals and the third most special one with one male and one female genital. And just like in the movies, these aliens started creating trouble in paradise so the gods had to come up with a plan to save themselves. The plan was to cut them into two halves, which totally makes me question the gods that we pray to, but anyways. So now after the whole alien reconstruction program there were two halves of one whole who would be drawn to each other and understand each other like no one else does. And that, my friends, is supposed to be your soulmate.

Interesting story I’d say. But now here’s where our understanding about it gets flawed. We only think of the androgynous alien. We have let ourselves believe that our soulmate will be someone from the opposite sex who will come in a white horse, or a unicorn if you’re too corny, pun intended. And most probably sweep us off our feet. Carry us to a blissful oblivion for a happily ever after. Well guess what sweetie, lets do a reality check. You might as well just be a half from the male alien or the female one. Your soulmate might just be a soul-sister or a soul-brother…or I’d say it could even be your father or your mom or your annoying best friend who sticks with you till the worlds end. Its just someone who understands you without having to explain yourself and could be anyone, literally just anyone. Not necessarily your love interest or someone you’re attracted to. So get your head back to the ground and stop believing the bullshit modern day romantic movies try to sell you. Though I’ll not deny, I myself do enjoy them. Hahaha…

Well I just find this very sad. The concept is a mythological concept for god’s sake. A myth. And that too we managed to understand it wrong? I mean come on!!! We have one lifetime and you want to live it chasing a myth? Lets do better than that peeps!

Yalla! M done for today!

Much love. D.

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