I was simply binge watching old movies the other day since the doctor determined that i, the undisputed queen of restlessness, needed some rest to get back to functioning conditions. And that’s when i came up with this idea of writing about happiness. First of all, a 2minutes silence for whoever tells me the spelling in the title is wrong and doesn’t get where it’s referenced from.

Happiness…where do we begin at? The definition? If you flip the pages of oxford dictionary the definition of happiness reads “the state of being happy”. Pretty vague I’d say. If you willfully dive more into it and search for the definition of happy it reads “feeling or showing pleasure or contentment”. That’s better. But again that leaves us no where near finding exactly how to measure happiness or understand it or even know if we have achieved it. However, if you are to walk in to any bookstore today you’ll find at least a shelf full of books that will tell you how to be happy. Is it possible though? Can you read your way out to attain the contentment you’ve been desperately seeking?

The concept of happiness is so subjective that what might be the happiest moment in my life, might be just another event in yours. With such societal dynamics how do we define happiness and determine how to achieve it? An everyday meal is just a meal for you when the same can be contentment to someone who’s not had food for a day or two. You might even complain about the said food not meeting your standards of consumable. The other person will not only eat the same but be grateful for it. This is just one example and if you look around you’ll find several. My point is that enlisting ways to achieve happiness in life is just an empty gesture that will fool you. You may think getting that job is going to make you happy or being with this person will make you satisfied. You may have set your happiness into achievable things in life. You will be happy when you get there, but after a while the excitement of achievement fades and so does the feeling of happiness. And soon after you will be looking for more. Setting new goals and running behind them in the pursuit of happiness.

But happiness is not the sum total of your achievements in life. Its rather a state of mind that’s not achievable but attainable. You can simply chose to be content with what you have, where you are and boom….you’ll be happy. It’s like magic. Like illusions…it comes out of nowhere.

That is what happiness is to me. It’s magic, an illusion that i chose to create and accept whether or not anyone else does! What’s happiness to you?

Burning question!

Much love.

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