The Cost of Doing Good

Going through an incredibly painful existential crisis, I was doing the one activity that we all retort to in order to avoid the reality…scrolling through the gram. That’s when I came across Sunny Leone’s picture for the PETA India ad campaign. PETA is the acronym for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “That leather bag or shoe was someone’s skin, wear vegan” was written on her ad campaign which is promoting the use of faux leather or vegan leather in a more millennial-friendly term.

Now this got me thinking, how are we essentially saving the environment by choosing a non-bio degradable product over one which harms numerous animals in the making? For your insight, faux leather is mostly made of PVC or PU, you can google them later, which are plastic based materials. Which is why another term for faux leather is pleather which comes from the term plastic leather. So, the million-dollar question raises, are we really saving the environment by opting vegan?

The modern lifestyle has given us so much comfort with all these harmful goods that we don’t wanna go back to anything remotely primitive. For example, we buy the handmade jute bags or bamboo bags for the sake of buying handicraft goodies as a souvenir, but we don’t use them as much as we should. And why? Cause the societal norm has set that if you don’t carry and expensive fancy looking item or wear clothes of the same caliber, you are gonna be looked down upon. I am not an exception to falling into this norm cause come on let’s be real a girl’s gotta fit in and have friends. Can’t risk being judged and left alone based on how I present myself. Even if a person wants to live a lifestyle which has minimum effect to the environment, what’s the cost? Cause for the majority middle class population trying to find their place in this world, it isn’t about standing out but rather about fitting in. And for the one’s with enough resources and reach to actually make a difference, it’s about using them resources on exotic items. Ultimately, we’re back to square one.

Standing out without a care in the world in this century would need guts beyond imagination. Otherwise we are all only looking for acceptance and a place to fit in no matter even if it costs us our sanity or peace of mind. And anyways the gram is there, ever ready, to take our minds off the actual problem. So, who cares innit?

Apologies for a very unsettling piece. But what good is writing if I can’t raise unsettling questions every now and then?


Much love. D.

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