Valentine’s Day

All of you must be thinking what a topic I chose to come back to writing again. But this isn’t a blog where I rant about how being single makes me miserable to see couples around. Or how I can’t tolerate seeing flowers or chocolates cause honestly, I am quite fond of both.

So, last year on this excuse of a ‘expressing love’ day me and my friends from the miserable singles association went out to see what the hype was like. And all I could see around the restaurant were struggling couples who probably haven’t been out for a nice meal since last valentine’s day. And the very few ones who looked happy were creeped out by one of my friends who would sit beside their table and start crying. So much for a romantic night out I tell you.

This whole fiasco got me thinking, what would an ideal valentine be like? Most people would say gifts, roses, chocolates and all that generic stuff that’s predominantly available in every store along the market street and pops up across every social media or websites you open. While I wouldn’t deny that I am as good as any girl in her twenties and will go weak on my knees upon receiving gifts, but generic stuff would make me want to puke my guts all over them. I mean come on guys, put some effort to at least know what flowers your girl likes before picking the most expensive (depending on the size of your wallet) bouquet of roses. At least try to make it look like you actually put in effort to know what would make her happy. If she loves daisies and you give her roses might as well give a take it or leave it declaration note along and hope to god, she doesn’t plunge the bouquet into your miserable behind. And girls, though the urban millennial female population has come a long way from blindly following gender-led notions, hustle a bit and treat your man right. It’s no biggie, trust me.

To me though, at this point, valentine’s day looks like a hoard of couples plunging blindfolded into the dead sea with no understanding of this modern romantic jungle. Which to be honest looks like it came off a Mills and Boon romance but feels like a setting from a Stephen King horror. The dating apocalypse is as real as climate change my friends. Save yourself!!

On that note, a very happy valentine’s day peeps. And remember, not every girl likes roses.

Yalla. Ciao.

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