Laziness and a never ending lockdown!

Laziness is a disease as ancient as time. The possibility of us getting lazy probably started with Adam and Eve themselves. As the story goes that when God expelled them from the Garden of Eden, Adam was told to sweat for his bread, basically work for a living. Hardwork was the punishment for humankind’s disobedience and the generations to come had to follow suit. But we do tend to dodge punishments when possible, if possible, don’t we? We humans get a little work-shy every now and then. I presume ancient times must have been harder, without all the modern gizmos that we can easily point a finger at to blame for our nonproductivity. For example, you could just let the dishes sit on your sink for now and later put the blame on this blog for being so interesting. LOL.

But honestly, I am no stranger to this culture of procrastinating into oblivion till it’s too late. This page, for example, has pretty much become like a hobby I revisit every once in a while. Unlike when I first started, all excited, racked my brains for content and tried to post something a little more frequently. Now my lazy ass barely comes up with ideas. Even with an unending lockdown and more time than ever. It’s like my brain’s on a lockdown in itself. And there’s Netflix to blame for whatever I don’t accomplish ,which, by the way now comes with a plethora of Bollywood dramas. For a 90s brown kid, it’s like pandora’s box!!

Getting back to the topic, there is indulging your lazy side every once a while and then there is dedicating your life to procrastinating and day dreaming what your life would be like if you were not so lazy. Now it’s up-to you to decide, you wanna keep painting pictures in your imaginations or are you gonna grab that brush and play with some colors? Please don’t take me literally, some of you might be really bad at painting.

Anyways, that was my rant for today.


Much love,


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