The so called women empowerment!

It isn’t uncommon for media, be it Bollywood or even Hollywood, to make male-centric movies with vague female characters that barely have any depth or dimension other than dancing around the male lead. While it isn’t an uncommon practice and we enjoy them movies, what I find unacceptable is the portrayal of the so called strong and feminist characters. Why are we equating feminism and female independence with smoking, drinking and nonchalantly spewing abuse and obnoxiousness? If a female character is shown to be supposedly progressive, independent and empowered, that means she smokes, drinks, parties, has multiple relationships even physical ones and has no problem in publicly abusing anyone around them. While I absolutely have no problem with any of it and I believe it is every individual’s personal choice, why are we again limiting our empowered female characters only to their habitual decisions on whether to drink or not or smoke or not? What exactly is the media trying to portray? Especially in places like ours where patriarchy is still so deeply rooted. Does anyone else see the substantial amount of problem we are planting in the young minds?

Why can’t a woman’s brilliance, her bravery, her resilience or her dedication define her empowerment? Why does there always have to be a habitual dimension to empowered women? Females smoking publicly as a symbol of equality to men was last century people, almost 100 freaking years ago. Why aren’t we past it already? Women and girls have achieved such considerable progress in the last decade. We outnumber men in so many universities and colleges. We have almost as equal, if not absolutely equal opportunities as men in the work frontier. We even have higher life expectancy than men for god’s sake. I just wish we could see actually empowered female characters on screen as well. I wish we had more Mulans than Cinderellas.

How sadly ironic is it that while I was writing this blog, Mulan had an underline but Cinderella didn’t because even the system only recognizes Cinderella.

That’s all I have to say for today.

Yalla, I’m out.



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