Brown and effing beautiful

Skin color stratification, what a touchy subject innit? But does it not bother you to see the glorification of fair skin tone and the insecurities that fill in girls who happen to have more melanin on their skin? It irks me to see people joking about skin tones or shaming girls for being dark skinned or giving them remedies to get fairer. It irks me that fair has always been associated with lovely! I mean the entire production shouldn’t have happened in the first place but even so, couldn’t they name it just fair? Why add lovely? To feed on the insecurities of dark toned girls?

We’ve often heard phrases like say “if you’re white, you’re right” “yellow is mellow” “if you’re brown, stick around” in passing conversations as a joke. If you’re a desi you’ve had aunties shake their head in disappointment for your skin tone and heard phrases like “oh you’ve become dark after the trip” or “wow you got so fair after moving abroad”. But it’s downright psychological abuse if you seriously think of it. And in Asian subcontinent all this starts at a very early age. You get compared to your parents, cousins, worst of all to your siblings, constantly reminded that you came out of the same vagina with a tiny bit of more melanin and that somehow is entirely your fault. It starts in your own family but people get really uncomfortable if you start talking about how this would impact the child’s psychology.

Skin bleaching, cosmetic creams, “whitening” pills or injections these are all billion dollar industries that feed on the same insecurities that you feed the girl. More than a bias this insane need for fair skin tone has now become a dangerous cultural obsession. In the same world where people go to tanning salons to make their skin look brown, TEMPORARILY, we are conditioned to believe, through mass media, that we’d have a chance at a better life if we somehow get fairer. Are we human beings or some box of paint? White, brown, yellow, black…seriously, i mean what the f…!!

Endnote I’d like to say that anyone who offers me any opinion on skin tone, can kindly take their opinion, lather it with a tube of whitening cream and put it up their fair behind, which I hope is fair given the whole obsession to that skin tone.

We are more than just the color of our skin!

Yalla. Ciao.

Much love,


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