Since I’d been going on and on about social issues lately. I decided to take a break from all the depressing topics and write something different. I initially named this piece as “20 tips for my 20 year old self” which I shortened to “20 for my 20”. Then finally I decided it would be funny to use this cricket reference literally no one asked for as the title of this blog. And here we are.

Well I am quite a few years past 20s in my timeline now. That should’ve been the part where I could tell you my precise age but I decided to obediently follow the whimsical gender led notion that girls don’t reveal their age. Anyhoo for most part of my life, I don’t have any big regrets as such. Though there were considerable amount of highs and lows and a few battles I never thought I’d win, through it all, I’ve come a long way from being a quiet kid to a weird adult.

If I am being absolutely honest, I kind of feel proud to see the growth I have undergone as an individual in the past 10 years or so. Although if I was given a chance to have a heart to heart with my 20 year old self, here are 20 things I would want her to know.

1. First and foremost, enjoy the phase of life you are in. It is not going to repeat itself. You won’t be 20 again.

2. Do not and I repeat DO NOT fall in love with the idea of someone before actually figuring them out and knowing that both of you have it in you to make the relationship work. 20 is too soon to be settling for ever afters! So if you are not totally happy, it is okay to move on. You are not wrong for wanting to be happier.

3. Trust your instincts. When you get that flutter in your stomach, listen to it. It’s difficult to master but gut instincts are very helpful. Don’t do anything against it.

4. Life isn’t going to follow your plan. If you’re going with the idea of “22 mein naukri 25 mein chokri” well in my case “chokra” just take a rain check on it. Make future plans and follow through but don’t limit yourself on age barriers.

5. You’re not gonna have all the answers and it’s okay. When problems hit “why me” is the first idea that comes to our head. But it’s not only you sweetie, everyone fights their own battle on their own levels. Not always will you get your answers or your closure, and that’s okay.

6. Be kind and considerate to everyone, i repeat, EVERYONE. Just cause your problem sucks doesn’t mean the other person’s problem sucks any less.

7. Learn how to say NO without feeling guilty for it. If you don’t have the energy or resources just politely say so instead of agreeing to everything and exhausting yourself.

8. Also having lone time is not lame. It’s totally cool to skip that party if you feel too tired. Staying in is as cool as partying hard. Don’t force yourself into socializing unnecessarily. Just say no!

9. Keep your company intimate. A handful of good friends are a lot better than thousands of so called social media friends. After all you are the sum total of the company you keep.

10. Be careful while sharing your problems or taking advices. Not everyone that advices you has the best of your interest in their minds.

11. Remember that your parents always gave you the best of what they could and how they knew. They’re learning and growing in their own lives as well. Respect that.

12. Drunk texts or calls…a big NO NO sweetheart! Unless you’re too thick skinned to even care what you might’ve said after waking up the next morning with a mind numbing headache.

13. Saying sorry won’t make you a small person. Learn how to own up to your wrongdoings.

14. Also be thankful and show that you are, as much as possible…you might be making someone’s day just with a simple thank you.

15. Be kind to yourself as well. Appreciate yourself for every little triumphs and never ever beat yourself down unnecessarily.

16. Take up that internship. Give that interview. This is when you add up experiences on your resume. Don’t limit yourself.

17. Save as much as you can.

18. And invest in experiences, more than in things. I know you really want that bag or that shoes but rather use that money and take a countryside trip. Life has a lot to offer in its most mundanity.

19. Be presentable. And it doesn’t necessarily mean be expensive and fancy. But learn how to dress and be approachable. It will take you a long way.

20. And last but most important, please don’t put up lame ass pictures or posts on any social media that you might regret later. Hahaha!

That’s my rant for today.

Hope y’all are keeping safe.

Ciao. Much love.


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