I’m here for you, aren’t I?

We live in a society where everything is a constant competition and comparison right from childhood. There are extreme biases in place with regards to looks, intelligence and a person’s status quo in general. We keep feeding our young minds that everything in life is a race and you need to top it somehow which in turn pressurizes them and develops a culture where they start looking down upon anyone who isn’t constantly the best.

Imagine someone growing up constantly listening to how they were never good in anything, how they were stupid for not scoring enough or how they don’t fit the societal standards of good looking. His or hers confidence must be in shreds. And to top it off the mounting pressure to keep pushing oneself, proving oneself so worthy.

Instead of saying “I’m here for you, talk to me” why can’t we look at the root of the issue and address it so that the possibility for someone to have extreme anxiety and depression curbs? Because saying these mere words is very easy but it is equally difficult for an anxiety ridden person to open up. To have that confidence in someone that they will empathetically listen and constantly assure them of their worthiness. Years of being told “you’re not good enough” will not go away in the blink of an eye. So unless you have the patience to sit through and listen to the same unsurety, same doubts and reassure them again and again which gets really tiring and needs a lot of patience, don’t say that you’re there to talk to.



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