Love is a funny thing

The world we live in can be very competitive and tough at times, but nothing makes life go smoother than a healthy sense of humor and a healthy appetite for said humor. And the same imparts to romantic relationships as well. “A good sense of humor” makes the checklist of almost anybody and everybody looking for a partner, unless you are Dr. Sheldon Cooper and are incapable of processing any sarcasm or humor. I seriously need to stop binge watching sitcoms and cross referencing them everywhere!

However, surely not everyone is looking for a walking comedian day in and day out but a healthy dose of humor does make the romantic floodgates open. If only I got a penny for every time one of my friends said “he makes me laugh” with dreamy eyes when I ask them why they are seeing a guy.

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Researchers have proved that couples who tend to have similar levels of gelotophilia (joy of being laughed at) and katagelasticism (joy of laughing at others) tend to have healthier relationships and even better sexual lives than the gelotophobic ones. Laughter is also scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and act as a therapy. Also, how and for how long would you remain upset with your partner if you both are cracking up? One good joke is all it will take for more than half the tension to subside.

So, is humor an essential part of romance? Not always, but it definitely can be a means to establish better communication and a better power dynamic between you both. A good sense of humor may not necessarily be the key to unlock a person’s heart or even be the foundation of a strong relationship, but it definitely is a key component to maintaining a healthy happy relationship. Hey, I don’t have much of a personal experience…the researchers say so!! Also, I am that single friend who gives the best relationship advises ever!!

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The next time your partner throws a critical joke your way, just laugh, and hit it right back at them instead of pouting the entire time. You can thank me later for the amazing, lighthearted time you will have! Just know that love, at the end of the day, has to be, or rather is a lighthearted and funny thing.

Wishing y’all more love!



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  1. Reading your work ,comical and beneath each humour there’s the truth.Its such an pleasure getting to know this other side of you that i dont get to know when at work.
    You are incredibly gifted.
    Continue keeping us in anticipation of your next write up.I really can’t get enough of your stories.

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