Feminism and Humor

When I publicly admit that I am a feminist, people tend to picture me as a stuck up, angry, nonchalant personality who is just continuously spewing hatred towards men in general. And to their utter dismay, I laugh my guts out at patriarchal jokes and gender based political satires. There seems to be a group of feminists along with the general uninformed public, that believe combining “fun” to “feminism” is somehow undermining the effectiveness of the movement. I am told that by laughing at gender based jokes I am somehow not being a true feminist. Should I say sorry for hampering your destruction of patriarchy with my inappropriate sense of humor?

It is agreeable that feminism, as a social movement, needs to be radical. While it is legitimate to call out someone who believes drinking, smoking or even lap dancing to be the height of female empowerment, but to imply that being funny undermines a feminist’s beliefs is like undermining the power of satires and sarcastic humor. No one is trying to be funny to be accepted or to draw attention to oneself. It is in fact freeingly powerful to be funny, at the face of all the tyrannies women have faced for centuries. To be witty, funny, clever and quick is to be a smartarse. And patriarchy hates a smartarse woman.

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So instead of considering feminists who are funny as not true to the cause, join in, amuse yourself with humor while holding your grounds on equality. People also tend to think feminists are trying to physically equal a man or hate men. How difficult is it to understand that males and females are physiologically different so physically equaling a man is not what we are aiming at? People should stop with the notion that females can’t ask for a period holiday or decide to work from home during or after pregnancy and be a feminist at the same time. Asking for these rights, in fact, is the root of feminism. We are asking to be treated equally despite the physiological differences and not trying to be identical to men.

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We also don’t hate men. In fact we love them and we will always need them to open those tightly shut mason jars. So let’s cool out on all the hatred, shall we?

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