Living inside my head!

Don’t you just hate it when every once a while that little voice inside your head, the one that’s your own worst critic, just won’t shut up? Sometimes we don’t realize how much we live inside our own heads far from the realities around us. And when you live there too long, you kind of start believing your own bullshit. And I know it cause I have been there. And while this little narrator inside my head has been great at times and has pulled me out of my miseries, it has equally been toxic and put me into non-existing hellholes. That’s where I’ve practically spent the past two months, hence the disappearance from writing!

Now, talking about this little critique friend of yours who lives rent free in your head, the first question I think should be how much you let it influence you? Doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, it’s influence on you will subject you to greater risks and vulnerability! So, rational step numero uno would be to not let it influence your decisions as best as you can. Don’t let it grab you by the neck and yank you into doing or saying things you might not be able to undo later. Try to see the difference between what is real and what is just an imaginary picture painted inside your head. Communicate, if required but try to stay as closer to reality as possible. Cause if you dwell too far inside your head, chances are that you’ll lose your grip on reality. This is where it gets dangerous cause now you believe that you are as worthless as that voice keeps telling you. It transpires from being just a voice to a fact that you believe in and that’s difficult to let go of. It is like that tiny seed of self-doubt has now grown to a tree of insecurities and the branches strangle your throat pretty much threatening to suck the life out of you!

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What do we do then? GET IT OUT! If it is negatively influencing you just vent, not necessarily to a person. Keep a journal may be, or write a blog. Honestly, I write blogs to straighten my bizarre thought processes. FIND SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Music, pets, art, books, cooking…pick anything that holds your interest and divulge. It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge or inspiring of sorts, it just has to be something that brings a genuine smile on your face. And lastly but most importantly, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE! People who bring positive energy to you, who encourage you and support you.

At the end of the day everyone is struggling, fighting their own battles in their own levels. Life isn’t particularly easy for anyone and no one really understands why. But it is necessary for us to keep in mind that it isn’t the end of the world. You have full power over your thoughts, just need to find that strength to exercise that power to its full potential!

Well…that was my rant for today!

Much love!


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